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Glenn Harris, inventor and CEO of Fade Guide, obtained a Masters in Financial Planning because of his passion for financial literacy and desire to make the most of every dollar. Growing up in a larger family, he understood the benefits of saving money on expenses. He saw this as an opportunity to help others.

Caring for hair in a family of seven was not easy. When Glenn began cutting his own hair in his teen years, he quickly realized that self-haircare tools were limited. Nevertheless, he refined his haircutting skills by practicing  cutting hair on himself and his brother. It was not until he was almost 18 that he started getting professional haircuts at the barbershop. Although he had many good experiences at a number of men's barbershops, one experience with a popular haircutting franchise left him dissatisfied. He requested a fade, but the stylist was not familiar with that type of haircut. This spawned the idea to make a haircare product that creates quick and precise fade guidelines and neck lineups. Hence, the Fade Guide was born.

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