The Top 5 DIY Fade Haircutting Tools You Need

by Fade Guide on Mar 11, 2024

The Top 5 DIY Fade Haircutting Tools You Need

Are you tired of frequent trips to the barber shop for a fade haircut? With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can achieve professional-looking fades right at home.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the top five DIY fade hair cutting tools you'll need to fade your own hair.

  1. Clippers: High-quality clippers are the cornerstone of any successful fade haircut. Look for clippers with adjustable blades to create clean lines and precise fades. These versatile tools allow you to remove bulk and adjust hair length seamlessly, giving you full control over your hairstyle.

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  1. Fade Guide Haircut Band: The Fade Guide Haircut Band is a game-changer for DIY fade haircuts. This innovative tool acts as a template to help you create fade guidelines faster and easier. With its curved band design, you can achieve consistent and clean fade lines, even if you're new to haircutting. Plus, the silicone material reduces slippage during use, ensuring a smoother cutting experience.

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  1. Comb: A fine-toothed comb is an indispensable tool for achieving a flawless fade. Use it to section off hair and ensure even cutting throughout the fading process. The comb helps in smoothing out the hair and guiding the clippers along the desired fade line, resulting in a professional-looking finish.

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  1. Trifold Mirror: Achieving symmetry and accuracy during a fade haircut is crucial, especially when working on the back of the head. That's where a trifold mirror comes in handy. These mirrors allow you to view the haircut from different angles, ensuring that your fade lines are perfectly balanced. Invest in a high-quality trifold mirror to elevate your DIY haircutting game.

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  1. Haircutting Cape or Apron: Protecting your clothing from hair clippings is essential during a DIY fade haircut. A haircutting cape or apron provides a barrier between your clothes and the hair, maintaining cleanliness and professionalism throughout the haircutting process. Plus, it helps create a salon-like atmosphere right in your own home.

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